Transforming entertainment
into education for newly
arrived Swedes.

Project: Filmtegration   |   Client: C More   |   Year: 2016—ongoing   |   Website: Link
Services: Concept Development, Product Development, Communication


In 2016, C More gave us the challenge to increase interest in Swedish film and create growth for their streaming service.


As a starting point, our initial research left us with two major findings within the RFSU brand:

The first was Elise Ottesen-Jensen, who founded RFSU in 1933. A powerful and truly inspiring person who not only made sexuality & identity part of the everyday conversation — but also laid the foundation for the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

The second was Blommor och Bin, a fashion brand conceived and run by RFSU between 1968-1984. With over 30 physical stores around Sweden, Blommor och Bin became a trendsetter as well as meeting point for youth to meet and learn about sexuality, identity the art of safe sex.


So we set out to create a political fashion brand that help people to stand up for body rights.

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