We research and develop
ideas that put People First.

Our mission is simple — to help organizations improve the everyday life for as many people as possible. In order to make that happen, we've created a process for reframing business problems as people problems.  Want to learn more?


Business Design

New products, services and business models designed to create long-term value for both people and business.

Brand Development

New ways for brands to think, act, look and feel, based on conversations with people who use them — and may use them in the future.


New ideas on how to turn smart, but abstract, business strategies into actions and engaging content that people "like" and "share".


Selected Projects


Project: ELISE
Client: RFSU
Year: 2017—ongoing
Website: Link

Together with RFSU, a Swedish NGO that fight for body rights around the world, we've created ELISE — a fashion brand that empowers people to take a stand for Body Rights together. The messages featured in the first collection derive from RFSU’s definition of Body Rights, which focus on everyone’s right to decide over their body, sexuality and identity. The collection is shot by artist and body activist Arvida Byström, and sold exclusively at ELISE1933.com and Colette in Paris.

Services: Business Design, Product Development, Brand Development, Communication
Selected press: i—D, ELLE, BON, TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, Nöjesguiden, Styleby


Project: Filmtegration
Client: C More
Year: 2016—ongoing
Website: Link

Together with C More, one of Sweden’s leading streaming services for films, we've created Filmtegration. An initiative that aim to make it easier and more fun for newly arrived Swedes to learn the Swedish language and culture with the help of Swedish film. The initiative also features new educational materials and arabic subtitles.

Services: Concept Development, Product Development, Communication
Selected press: TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, DN, SvD, Alex & Sigges Podcast, Skolvärlden


Project: ELISE / Make Abortions Safe Again
Client: RFSU
Year: 2018

January 23rd 2018 mark one year since Trump reinstated the “Global Gag Rule” – endangering thousands of lives through millions of unsafe abortions. It cuts all US funding to organizations working with abortions. To acknowledge the devastating consequences, we've created an unorthodox anniversary gift, together with an open letter to President Trump.


Project: Liveable
Client: Liveable
Year: 2016—ongoing
Website: Link

We are partners in Liveable, a fintech company that provides a digital platform for the residential and commercial property rental markets. By offering innovative alternatives to traditional deposits and rental contracts, the company is transforming an industry with estimated global market potential of $8bn. Much like how Airbnb transformed the vacation rental market, Liveable builds trust between tenants and landlords to create a safer and more efficient property market.

Services: Business Development, Brand Development, Brand Identity, Communication


Project: Peeping Toms
Client: Self-initiated
Year: 2016—ongoing
Website: Link

Peeping Toms is a simple and self-adhesive webcam cover that works on computers, tablets and smartphones. Simply put, a physical product for digital privacy. The first collection is titled 'EyeSpy' and inspired by classic spy and surveillance novels such as "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" by John le Carré and "1984" by George Orwell. Except that our eyes and spies are kind. Illustrations by the talented Henrik Franklin.

Services: Product Development, Concept Development, Brand Identity


Project: Bee Nice
Client: Self-initiated
Year: 2015—ongoing
Website: Link

BEE NICE is an initiative to help save the endangered bees — simply by urbanizing them. During spring 2015, we launched our first product — POWER FLOWERS. A seed mix who's flowers bees love and need. By planting them in urban areas, we create bee friendly cities where bees and other important pollinators can live and thrive.

Services: Product Development, Concept Development, Brand Identity

Skärmavbild 2017-09-02 kl. 13.55.54.png

Project: EquipmentLoop
Client: Loop Systems
Year: 2016—ongoing

We are partners in Loop Systems — a tech company that digitizes the $70bn construction equipment rental market by connecting users with providers via a fully integrated mobile app. Loop Systems is accelerating and leading the transformation focusing on creating a best-in-class experience adapted to the modern user, maximizing profitability as well as minimizing environmental footprint. 

Services: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity


Project: #offentligtmeddelande
Client: Södra Teatern
Year: 2016

Södra Teatern is a restaurant and bar in Stockholm — and home to diverse events spanning from clubs, concerts, theatre and readings to children's philosophy. Their mission is to ’welcome everyone that welcome everyone’ and to prove that, we transformed their outdoor posters into an analogue messaging app that gave the people of Stockholm the possibility to send messages to their friends and loved ones through posters around Södermalm in Stockholm. 

Services: Concept Development


Interested in putting People First?


Some of the organizations we've had the pleasure to work with:

RFSU, C More, Länsförsäkringar, Levi's, FitnessCollection, Södra TeaternStory Hotels.


AFFAIRS is run by Antonia von Euler and Patrik Beskow.


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