Yes, that's right. We're a DESIGN and INNOVATION studio that operate with a PEOPLE FIRST approach.

Our projects and clients are diverse, but our starting point is always the same: to discover unsolved everyday problems — and then figure out how to solve them.  Why?  Because we believe that meeting the unmet needs of people is the most effective way to create sustainable growth.

Besides offering our day-to-day consulting services, we also develop our own products as well as team up with early stage startups to help them create their businesses and brands.  So far, we've developed Peeping Toms and Bee Nice, and teamed up with EquipmentLoop and Liveable.

Some of the companies & organisations we've been fortunate to work with:

RFSU, C More, TV4, Länsförsäkringar, Praktikertjänst, Södra TeaternLevi'sEquipmentLoop, Story Hotels, Liveable, Warner Music, FitnessCollection



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It all begins in the RESEARCH and STRATEGY. The ideas that will end up having a real impact on peoples lives. That's why we always start out by talking to people, and from there shape strategies that have a clear path forward and put people first.


+ User research
+ Market research
+ Trend & insight reports
+ Business strategy
+ Brand strategy
+ Product strategy
+ Communications strategy
+ Content strategy


Good DESIGN drives growth — that's why we help organisations to create design solutions and brand experiences that are both useful and beautiful for people in an ever-changing world.


+ Brand platform
+ Visual identity
+ Creative & art direction
+ Digital design (UX/UI)
+ Physical design (product/retail/exhibition)
+ Tonality
+ Photography
+ Illustration

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For us, BUSINESS DESIGN is all about creating new business opportunities through solving people problems. You know, the issues people experience in their day-to-day lives but that no one have bothered to solve yet. That's where we come in.


+ Product & service development
+ Business model development
+ Prototyping
+ Innovation workshops
+ Prototyp testing & operations
+ Startup acceleration


There are more brands, and ways for them to express themselves, than ever. To stay ahead of the curve, we use creativity and our people first approach to create effective and innovative COMMUNICATION. 


+ Concept development (PR & social media)
+ Content ideation & production
+ Communication advisory
+ Communication production
+ PR activation (campaign & on-going)
+ Social activation (campaign & on-going)

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Also, we regularly SPEAK and host WORKSHOPS on themes like DESIGN, INNOVATION and PEOPLE FIRST at organisations and schools like: 

H&M, Boston Consulting Group, Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm School of Economics, Baluba, Bonnier Broadcasting.


AFFAIRS is run by Antonia von Euler & Patrik Beskow


Patrik Beskow
Creative director

T: +46–708–928711   M:

Patrik has a background in the communications industry, before co-founding AFFAIRS he was creative director at Prime. Patrik has won 50+ industry awards, including multiple Cannes Lions, and been named one of 'Swedens 101 Super Talents' by Veckans Affärer.


Antonia von Euler
Project director

T: +46–709–9609671   M:

Antonia has a background in the art & design industry, before co-founding AFFAIRS she ran multiple businesses including YOUNG ART — a B2B art agency with clients like Nike, Volvo & Rezidor Hotels and NAU GALLERY — a progressive platform for emerging artists in Stockholm.